Next year, Oscar should beef up online content

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ABC’s broadcast of the 80th annual Academy Awards hit a ratings low with only 32 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media. Though Oscar ratings are often directly related to the popularity of the nominated films (and this year’s bunch were not box office sensations), many are calling for the academy to retool its broadcast. One of the first things the Oscars should re-examine is its Web site.

Studios now regularly promote their movies on the Web, (the success this winter of ‘‘Cloverfield’’ was partly based on a viral ad campaign). And the writers strike — which was primarily over revenue from material played online — proved just how much Hollywood is fixated on the Web. So why during its biggest night would Hollywood shun the Internet?

While thousands blog through the evening, all offers are videos from its ‘‘Thank You Cam.’’ A feature begun last year, it allows winners to elongate their lists of gratitude, so often cut short on stage. might better entice viewers by providing a more substantial behind-the-scenes perspective.


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