My Grammy Moment down to three players

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Boo! Our Illinois musicians didn't make the final cut. Ah well, they'll still be onstage as part of the orchestra. Now the choice for the coveted solo is down to three...

Fifteen talented "My Grammy Moment 2008" musicians have been chosen from the YouTube community to play with current five-time GRAMMY-nominated rock band the Foo Fighters as part of their orchestra created specifically for the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Beginning today, three of those top vote-getters — Ann Marie Calhoun from Virginia, Brian Fitzgerald from Pennsylvania, and Tara Klein from Ohio — will have the opportunity to compete for his/her once-in-a-lifetime "Grammy Moment" as a featured performer in the orchestra.

Click here to view the video submissions of the top three instrumentalists and vote for your favorite musician. Fans also have the opportunity to vote via text messaging on the day of the Grammy Awards, this Sunday.

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