Milkshakes, please! Still more backstage hilarity

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Best actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis (‘‘There Will Be Blood’’) was asked whether he expected to receive complimentary milkshakes from now on wherever he goes.

He quipped, ‘‘I’m looking forward to getting all the complimentary milkshakes I can drink for the next 25 years or so.’’ He explained his kiss to fellow nominee George Clooney after his win this way: ‘‘he was the closest (nominee) to me. ... I kissed my wife and, in the interest of parity, I kissed George.’’

Marion Cotillard appeared breathless and still overwhelmed as she spoke emotionally backstage moments after she won the best actress Oscar for her tour-de-force performance in ‘‘La Vie En Rose.’’ When asked how she felt about speaking English onstage in her acceptance speech when it’s not her first language, she said, ‘‘It’s not hard at all. There’s nothing hard about this. It’s just joy and so unexpected that it’s surreal, but I love it. I love it!’’ Having already won the French equivalent of the Oscar [the Cesar] for her performance as French singer Edith Piaf, she said it was nice to also win Hollywood’s biggest trophy. ‘‘It feels like fireworks going on inside me,’’ she explained. Though nervous and excited, the actress was game to sing a few bars of a favorite Piaf song, drawing applause from the crowd of journalists.

Ethan Coen, who along with his brother Joel won awards for best picture, best director and best adapted screenplay for ‘‘No Country for Old Men,’’ was at a loss for words when asked how he coped with the hype surrounding the contemporary Western. ‘‘I try not to think about it,’’ he stammered. Of the best picture win, producer Scott Rudin added, ‘‘It’s incredibly gratifying.’’

After taking several questions backstage in his native Spanish, best supporting actor winner Javier Bardem (‘‘No Country for Old Men’’) was asked to share his feelings of joy in English. ‘‘You know, I said very good things in Spanish,’’ he quipped. He also said he wasn’t worried while sitting in the audience about whether he’d win or lose, but what would he say when he got onstage. His mother, he revealed, tried to help keep his feet on the ground by telling him he probably wouldn’t win. But she has encouraged him all his life, giving him this advice: ‘‘The real success is to get a job and to fight for that job and to do it well,’’ he said.

Tilda Swinton, who walked away with an Oscar for her supporting performance as a take-no-prisoners litigator in ‘‘Michael Clayton,’’ confirmed backstage that she would keep her word and give her newly won award to her agent. ‘‘He deserves it more than me,’’ she said. ‘‘I’m a man of my word.’’ She explained her surprised reaction when her name was announced this way: ‘‘I really just had a reverse ’Zoolander’ moment when I think I heard someone else’s name and suddenly slowly heard my own. I’m still recovering from that moment, and I have absolutely no idea what happened after that.’’

Onetime stripper and newly crowned Oscar winner Diablo Cody, jazzed for her win for best original screenplay for ‘‘Juno’’ about an unwed pregnant teenager, said this about would-be screenwriters who hold down unusual jobs to support themselves before they sell their scripts: ‘‘They’re the greatest artists in the world.’’

Honorary Oscar winner Robert Boyle, who has been around almost as long as movies have, said that there is nothing to like or dislike about Hollywood today. ‘‘I’ve come from the old studio system with kind of hands-on work and that was my background,’’ said the 98-year-old retired art director and production designer who worked with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock. ‘‘Most of the films that people know about were done without benefit of computer generation. So, I can’t speak to what’s happening today so much, but I do think that I miss the community that we had then. People seemed to be working together more in those days. They are more separate these days, and that’s what I regret.’’

Brad Bird, who won in the best animated film category for ‘‘Ratatouille’’ (his second award after winning in 2004 for ‘‘The Incredibles’’), said that winning the Oscar this time around was no less sweet than the first time. After mentioning his high school guidance counselor’s dubious reaction to his career choice of moviemaking, he said he’s glad he took his own advice. ‘‘Life has a way of sort of smacking you down, and if you get up enough times, you know, things happen,’’ he said.

Marketa Irglova, winner for the best original song, ‘‘Falling Slowly,’’ from the uplifting music drama ‘‘Once,’’ was surprised that she got a chance to return to the stage to give an acceptance speech when her musician partner Glen Hansard ran the clock out before she got a chance to speak. ‘‘I didn’t realize the mic was cut,’’ she said. ‘‘It was great to get that chance, and I’m grateful they let me do that.’’ Hansard, a onetime street musician, said he was awestruck simply sitting near Philip Seymour Hoffman and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Of all the celebrities attending the 80th annual Oscars, best animated short winner Hugh Welchman said he was most excited to meet acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins, who was nominated for two different films this year. Schmoozing at the glamorous parties following the Oscars was on the mind of Welchman’s co-winner, Suzie Templeton. ‘‘I am just trying to have some fun, and I would like to have, like, a lovely time now with my boyfriend,’’ she said.

Christopher Rouse was proud to carry on a family tradition in winning an Oscar for film editing for the actioner ‘‘The Bourne Ultimatum.’’ ‘‘My father was the biggest inspiration to me, and he won an Oscar in 1959 for ’Pillow Talk,’ a Doris Day film,’’ he recalled. ‘‘First and foremost, he taught me about stories.’’

Alex Gibney, whose war-themed ‘‘Taxi to the Dark Side,’’ earned the best feature documentary, said that after such a dark experience, he’s going back to making romantic comedies.

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