Jacko to come backo to Grammys this Sunday?

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The Internet is starting to buzz with rumors that Michael Jackson will either attend or — yegods — perform at this Sunday's Grammy Awards.

A columnist at Fox News says it could happen like this: "Justin Timberlake starts the show singing along with a tape of Frank Sinatra. The next act up is Jackson, performing one of his hits from 'Thriller,' possibly even re-creating the dance number for 'Billie Jean' he made famous at the Motown 25th anniversary show in 1983."

A special 25th anniversary of "Thriller," Jackson's megahit album from ’83, is being released on Tuesday, featuring extra remixes of the tracks by artists including Chicago's Kanye West.

Other reports mention Jackson rehearsing at a studio in Burbank, Calif.

The New York Post, however, quotes a source saying the plan came up too close to showtime for Jackson's comfort: "Michael can't go along with that. He needs more time to rehearse new versions of the songs. And everything requires new choreography." That report says Jackson will simply make an appearance onstage and not actually perform.

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