Diablo Cody wins for "Juno" screenplay

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She may have dressed like Wilma Flintstone, or maybe Bam-Bam, but when she won the Oscar for best original screenplay, "Juno" writer Diablo Cody thanked her parents "for loving me exactly the way I am" — and, heck, so do we.

She was clearly excited to be in the spotlight, shrieking, "What is happening?!" as she stepped to the microphone. She then brandished her new trophy and — in one of the surprisingly few nods to the writers strike this evening — said, "This is for the writers."

She did not mention her shoes.

Fancy-footwear designer Stuart Weitzman had selected Cody to wear his specially designed $1 million diamond-encrusted Retro Rose shoes on the red carpet, but Cody opted to wear a pair of simple gold flats under her flowing Dior leopard print dress instead.

‘‘It was a cheesy publicity stunt,’’ she said on the red carpet.

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