And the first upset of the night goes to ....

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Tilda Swinton, winning best supporting actress for her role in "Michael Clayton."

She was clearly as shocked as everyone else. I'd say she blanched and went pale, but ... she couldn't get any paler.

"Happy birthday, Mom," she said at the microphone, before spitballing a terrific, quick and quippy acceptance speech. Watch the video here:

"I have an agent who is the same shape as this," Swinton said, holding her Oscar statuette. "The face, the head and, it must be said, the buttocks. I'm giving this to him."

She also poked fun at co-star George Clooney, claiming he wore his rubber Batman suit "with the nipples" underneath his clothing every day on the set of "Michael Clayton."

Swinton beat out the highly acclaimed performance by Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in the celebrated biopic "I'm Not There," as well as the fabulous performance we at The Gold Rush were hoping would take the trophy: Ruby Dee in "American Gangster."

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