Amy Winehouse visa in doubt, but she still could appear at Grammys

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It's a race against the clock for troubled singer Amy Winehouse to make it to the Grammys this weekend. She left rehab in England momentarily last week to apply for a travel visa, but as of this morning insiders are claiming it hasn't yet come through. But if it doesn't, there's a Plan B ...

According to London's Metro newspaper, Winehouse is so determined to perform at the Grammys, she's in talks to appear by video link. A Grammy insider says a contingency is in place, with an 11th-hour live satellite feed from London being prepared.

And, given her drug-related arrest last year in Norway and the recent Internet video showing her discussing drugs as well as smoking something, visa chances are slim.

Initially, Winehouse was planning to duet with Chicago rapper Kanye West at the Grammys, but due to her confinement no rehearsals have taken place and she's apparently "moved on."

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