What's YOUR reaction to the Oscar noms?

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We'll soon be reporting the reactions of the movie stars nominated this morning for the Oscars — but what do you think? Did the Academy get it right? Was your favorite celeb picked? Was your favorite celeb snubbed? Comment below and let us know!

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TWO nominations for Cate Blanchett??? For playing a queen and a drag queen? And nothing for James McAvoy????? That ain't right.

I wish The Great Debaters/Denzel Washington had been honored with a nomination... it was a really good film.

Also, Gone Baby Gone was a very good movie too... Casey Affleck should have gotten a nom for it.

I'm Happy for Cate! i think she is an amazing actress and both nominations were well deserved.... the best actress nomination maybe a little less so but she was still brilliant! Bring it home Cate!

I am a HUGE Ruby Dee fan (it was an honor to see her perform in person here in Chicago in 1979 in the play 'Bus Stop' with Dawn Wells of 'Gilligan's Island' fame) and I feel she is very deserving of this nomination. I'm sure her husband (the late GREAT Ossie Davis) is looking down with pride! God bless you Ruby!

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