Simple solution: Move the Oscars back to March

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At long last, someone stands up amid the writers strike and suggests the simplest solution: postpone the show and wait for the strike to be settled. ...

Online movie writer Martin A. Grove writes today in The Hollywood Reporter: "The Academy can buy itself some time by moving the Oscars back to the late March timeslot they originally occupied. By declaring an emergency and delaying the 80th Academy Awards until, say, March 30, the Academy would give itself another month or so of breathing space during which, hopefully, the producers and writers could settle the strike."

Not only would that give the warring sides more time to reach a settlement, he says, but it would return the Oscars to its former, more comfortable schedule. When the ceremony was moved up from March to February five years ago, it only cramped the schedules of voters who actually try to see all the films from the previous year before casting their votes.

Plus, he writes, "Having a longer period in which to campaign for Oscars would level the playing field because it allows time for voters to discover films that weren't on their radar early in the game. There's also time for moviegoers to find these films as they go wider and move into more cities." Because even in a market like Chicago — how many times have you seen a film win an award that hasn't opened here yet?

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Wow, that is a great idea. And maybe we'd have some writers for it, too!

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