Reasons to watch the SAG Awards on Sunday

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The Globes got the shaft, and we still don't know whether we'll have a real Oscars show or not. So get your red carpet fix this weekend at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The actors union got the go-ahead from its brethren in the striking writers union, so this telecast will have written jokes and speeches — and truckloads of stars, at long last!

Tune in at 7 p.m. Sunday on either of two cable networks, TBS or TNT. TV Guide's channel has a preview at 3 p.m., and E's starts at 4 p.m.; both do red-carpet coverage at 5 p.m.

Why should you tune in? Some darn good reasons ...

— These celebs have pent-up glitz and goofiness, after weeks of watching their gowns hang in the closet and scribbling silly speeches that might go unheard. Sunday night they're liable to let it all hang out and go crazy.
— It's not just movie stars. SAG Awards also include TV categories. That means more stars!
— The Oscars are a horse race. Let's finally get a look at the runners.
— Red carpet, red carpet, red carpet.
— Last but certainly not least: Burt Reynolds will be presenting a lifetime achievement award to his buddy Charles Durning. We predict madcap laughter.

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