No glamour as celebs celebrate quietly

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Nothing fancy or frilly for the winners and losers of this year's dressed-down Golden Globes — some celebrated tonight barefoot and by cooking their own food.

The writers strike forced cancellation of the usual fashion-drenched soiree in favor of a news conference that winners watched from televisions in living rooms and hotel suites.

Tom Hooper, director of the night's top award winner, the TV movie "Longford," popped open a small bottle of bubbly from his Santa Monica hotel room's mini-bar.

"We managed to rustle up two champagne glasses ... That's as glamorous as it gets," said Hooper, who wore jeans, no shoes and what he called a "scruffy shirt."

Still, Hooper planned to celebrate in a bit of style by heading out with Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy to the Hotel Chateau Marmont.

That's where Focus Features Co-President James Schamus had encamped earlier for a Globes-viewing dinner party for the producers of "Atonement." He said he'd cooked pasta all day to prepare.

"This is a picture we love. It's finding its place in the U.S. and in movie history. We're thrilled," Schamus said of the Globe winner in the drama category.

Not everybody wanted to watch the Globes broadcast, though.

David Duchovny, winner for best actor in a TV comedic or musical series ("Californication"), went out to see a "The Bucket List" in Vancouver, where he's filming the "X-Files" film sequel.

"I kinda didn't want to watch. It would just make me tense or nervous," he said. "I knew if my phone was ringing when I walked into my hotel room that I would have won, and it was. Nobody calls a loser."

Hooper said he found out about the three wins for "Longford" from the screenwriter Peter Morgan, who was viewing a broadcast of the news conference in London. Morgan sent a text message with the news about 10 seconds before NBC broadcast it.

"This is the new-style Globes," Hooper said. "Finding out when you won at the time when everyone else does is a thing of the past."

Because the traditional swirl of parties had been canceled, winners found innovative ways to celebrate.

"Atonement" producer Tim Bevard said he planned to jump in the pool at the Chateau Marmont. "I guess that's what you do, isn't it, after you win a Golden Globe. You go for a swim," Bevard said.

Jon Hamm, winner for best actor in a dramatic TV series, said he was disappointed to not be able to use his acceptance speech to thank those who worked on the series "Mad Men."

"I wish I could have thanked everyone publicly," said Hamm, who celebrated on the roof of the Chateau Marmont. "But it was still a great experience. I wouldn't trade it. I will remember this always."

Globe nominee Ernest Borgnine didn't win, but made sure he brought the festivities to his home in Beverly Hills. He allowed reporters and camera crews inside his living room for a TV viewing party featuring balloons, flowers, sandwiches and pizza.

He said wife Tova had picked out a dress in hopes of attending the ceremony, but that he was happy for the low-key atmosphere. Wearing a black sweater and pants, the winner of the best-actor Academy Award for 1955's "Marty" sipped cider as his wife opened bottles of champagne.

"Sweeney Todd" producer Richard Zanuck, an Oscar winner for "Driving Miss Daisy," said he watched the Globes at his son's house in "Levis and tennis shoes instead of the tuxedo, which had been all pressed and ready to go."

Duchovny joked that he took a really dressed-down approach.

Asked what he was wearing as he soaked in the news that he was a winner, he quipped: "I was naked in my hotel room. It was my way of protesting any number of issues."


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