'Knocked' out: The Oscar snubs

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While Cate Blanchett hogged two separate acting nominations for herself, many others went lacking...

"Into the Wild," Sean Penn's much-admired directorial effort, was shoved aside for all but Hal Holbrook’s best supporting actor nod. Meanwhile, the Tim Burton-Johnny Depp musical "Sweeney Todd" made it through the morning with only a best actor tip for Depp.

The lauded "Atonement" wound up in the race for best picture — but its six other nominations are not the biggies. No directing nod, and the two stars, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy got nothing. Only 13-year-old Saoirse Ronan got an acting nomination from the film, for best supporting actress.

New York magazine summed up the various tragedies this morning, saying, "Despite many forecasters' hopes, 'Into the Wild' couldn't make inroads in the major categories, only scoring a nom for supporting actor. (Snubbed: director Sean Penn, stars Emile Hirsch and Catherine Keener, and the film itself for Best Picture.) Despite being behind two of the biggest, best-written, and best-reviewed films of the year, Judd Apatow couldn't score a screenplay nomination for 'Knocked Up.' Despite directing the movie he was born to direct, Tim Burton couldn't land a nomination for 'Sweeney Todd.' Despite being one of the biggest stars in the universe — and actually turning in a pretty spectacular performance — Angelina Jolie couldn't overcome 'A Mighty Heart's' general end-of-year awards whiff. (Unthinkable final Oscar nomination tally: 'Norbit' 1, 'A Mighty Heart' 0.)"

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Angelina Jolie is not 'one of the biggest stars in the universe' because of her movies. It is because of her tabloid presence.

Look, there are parts of "Knocked Up" that were funny, but "Porkies" can claim the same and maybe more so. The writing was nothing special. No need for an academy award nod. It was no "Freaks and Geeks". I miss Apatow's TV work.

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