Globes parties nixed, too

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In a major blow to NBC's hopes for star attendance at the Beverly Hilton on the night of the Golden Globes, most of the studios and networks late Monday canceled their Globes bashes.

The HBO, NBC Universal/Focus and the Warner Bros./In Style parties were called off, while a representative for the Weinstein Co. said the indie company was still mulling its options. ...

As of Friday night, the Weinstein Co. was moving ahead with its shindig, to be held in the former Trader Vic's restaurant location. HBO, NBC Universal/Focus and Warner Bros./In Style were holding off on sending out invitations in anticipation of a final word on whether NBC would proceed with broadcasting a picketed ceremony or cancel the telecast for a picket-free affair.

After the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. said Monday that not only the broadcast but also the Globes ceremony was being canceled in favor of a one-hour news conference announcing the winners, the companies behind the three major post-Globes parties called them off.

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