Down in front! Sean Young ejected from DGAs

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Anyone remember Sean Young? I mean, not for her wacky stunts — the whole Catwoman outfit when she tried to get that role in the "Batman" sequel, etc. — but as an actress? It was, after all, a long way down from the beauty of "Blade Runner" through "Stripes" and eventually "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective."

She was ejected last night from the Directors Guild Awards ceremony, apparently for drunkenly heckling someone at the podium.

When Julian Schnabel, director of "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," took the stage to speak, Young allegedly yelled, "Get on with it!" and "Move it on!" according to a report in Variety.

Schnabel, 56, hollered back, "Have another drink, honey!" and started to leave, but the audience cheered and convinced him to come back.

But Ms. Young would not be sated. She stood up, threw her white fur coat over her shoulder and walked around her table, muttering.

She "was quickly and forcibly removed from the awards ceremony by security guards," says "Access Hollywood."

Enjoy these photos of a party-hearty Young — and a mortified neighbor — at the ceremony.

Finally, some real award-show shenanigans!

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