And the winning studio is ... Miramax

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A list of film studios with multiple nominations for the 80th Academy Awards ...

Miramax, 13.
Warner Bros., 11.
Paramount Vantage, 10.
Disney, 10.
Universal, 8.
Focus Features, 8.
Fox Searchlight, 7.
DreamWorks-Paramount, 7.
Lionsgate, 5.
Picturehouse, 3.
New Line, 2.
Sony Pictures Releasing, 2.

Daniel Battsek, the head of Miramax, told the New York Times this morning: “The number of nomination across four films is the thing that I am most proud of from a Miramax perspective. To have four movies rewarded in that way is fantastic.”

They also highlighted this interesting synergy: "Paramount Vantage and Miramax are in the midst of a very profitable corporate friendship. They share credits on the biggest winners today: 'No Country for Old Men' and 'There Will Be Blood' led the field with eight nominations each, including best picture. Paramount Vantage has domestic rights to 'TWBB' while Miramax has foreign, and Miramax owns 'NCFOM' in the United States while Paramount has the international rights. There will be some smiles across the room, along with quiet competition, between John Lesher of Paramount and Daniel Battsek of Miramax."

AP/Sun-Times wires

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