20th Oscar nod for acclaimed soundman

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LOS ANGELES — Kevin O’Connell’s previous 19 Oscar nominations were nothing like this. The 50-year-old sound mixer, who holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations without a win, received his 20th nomination Tuesday.

O’Connell said the nomination for ‘‘Transformers’’ came after he had a fitful night’s sleep filled with bizarre dreams.

‘‘I was at the Academy, in my underwear, talking to Nicolas Cage,’’ he said. ‘‘He was showing me the nominations list, but when I looked at it, it disappeared. I always remember sleepless nights, but I never had that weird anxiety.’’

Could this be his winning year? If it is, he’ll thank his mother, who died last year. She got him into the entertainment business and was his most ardent supporter.

‘‘I think my mother took one for the team,’’ O’Connell said Tuesday with a smile in his voice.
He also wants to credit his many colleagues.

‘‘It literally takes an army to do what we do,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m just the guy who gets the accolade at the end of the year.’’

O’Connell’s first nomination was for 1983’s ‘‘Terms of Endearment.’’ The list also includes ‘‘A Few Good Men,’’ ‘‘The Rock,’’ ‘‘The Patriot,’’ two ‘‘Spider-Man’’ movies and ‘‘Apocalypto.’’

Despite his 19 Oscar losses, O’Connell says he feels like a winner. With his unique Academy record, he’s appeared on radio programs, TV talk shows and in newspapers around the country.

‘‘I’m like the luckiest guy on the planet,’’ he said. ‘‘How many other people have 20 Oscar nominations? If I had won 25 years ago on my first nomination, nobody would be talking to me right now.’’

What if O’Connell finally wins this year — and the Oscar ceremony is canceled because of the writers strike?

‘‘They can take that Oscar and they can put it in a box, put bubble wrap around it and ship it to me and I’d be the happiest person,’’ he said. ‘‘It wouldn’t matter how it got into my hands as long as it got there.’’


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