So excited she burned the waffles

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‘‘I was making waffles for my kids, then my phone rang and my publicist called saying I was nominated. And I noticed this strange smell, and the waffles were burning, and the smoke alarm went off.’’ — Mary-Louise Parker, nominated for best actress in a television series, comedy or musical for ‘‘Weeds.’’

And here are some other reactions from some of the Golden Globe Award nominees this morning ...

‘‘I was sitting in my living room actually nursing a hangover when my agent sent a text saying congratulations.’’ — Keira Knightley on how she learned she was nominated for best actress for ‘‘Atonement.’’

‘‘I’m going to work at 8 a.m. with Mr. Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, so maybe Angelina and I will have a holler and a hoot together.’’ — Amy Ryan, nominated for supporting actress for ‘‘Gone Baby Gone.’’ She is now working on Eastwood’s ‘‘The Changeling.’’ Jolie was nominated in the dramatic actress category for ‘‘A Mighty Heart.’’

‘‘I’m on a plane to L.A., so I’ll be celebrating with my fellow passengers.’’ — Jason Reitman, director of ‘‘Juno,’’ nominated for best picture, comedy or musical.

‘‘A few years ago, my dad passed away, and I share this nomination with him.’’ — Chicago native Jeremy Piven, nominated for best supporting actor in a TV series, miniseries or motion picture for ‘‘Entourage.’’

‘‘We’re all jumping around at the moment. It’s just fantastic. I’m working today, so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to celebrate, but we’ll probably have a nice dinner when we get home from work.’’ — Saoirse Ronan, 13-year-old best supporting-actress nominee for ‘‘Atonement.’’

‘‘I was screaming and crying. I actually threw a table. I was freaking out.’’ — Nikki Blonsky, best-actress nominee for ‘‘Hairspray.’’

‘‘To be the little engine that could, it’s sort of nice. It’s more than sort of nice. It’s very gratifying.’’ — Julie Taymor, director of ‘‘Across the Universe,’’ nominated for best picture, comedy or musical.

‘‘My least favorite part is trying to figure out what to wear. Everything else is pretty much wonderful.’’ — Glenn Close, nominated for best actress for her TV series ‘‘Damages.’’


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