SAGs may be the only red carpet worth watching

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So with the writers striking and their union failing to grant waivers for the Golden Globes and the Oscars — meaning many celebs will stay away from those events in support of the strike — the SAG Awards, whose nominees were announced today, may be the show for this year's star spotting.

The writers guild, at this point, plans to picket both the Globes and the Academy Awards. When a similar strike lingered in 1980, many stars stayed at home rather than cross the picket lines to reach the red carpet for that year's Emmy Awards.

The SAG Awards, however, have been granted one writer to help pen jokes and speeches for that show. It's on TV, too, albeit cable, on Jan. 27. Still, at least the celebrities won't shy away from it. It may be the only red carpet worth watching all year.

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