People's Choice Awards changing format due to strike

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Another victim of the writers strike: the 34th annual People's Choice Awards. The show hasn't been canceled, but the format of the fan-voted awards broadcast on CBS will change dramatically. ...

What has been canceled is the red carpet, as well as the show's previous live-party atmosphere. It's our understanding that the two-hour Jan. 8 show will be presented in a "magazine" format. That is, instead of cameras panning around an auditorium at a live event, we'll get pre-recorded acceptance speeches from winners. In place of witty banter and monologues — normally written by union writers, now on strike — we'll get footage of fans-on-the-street asking questions, which celebrities will then answer in, again, pre-recorded snippets.

This is starting to sound like a presidential debate.

"We realize there are pressing issues facing the entertainment industry, including the WGA strike, and out of respect for everyone involved this provided an opportunity to pilot a new format this year," said awards spokeswoman Jeannie Tharrington.

Queen Latifah apparently will still "host" this show.

The People's Choice Awards have been given out annually since 1975, when "The Sting" won best picture.

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