Laughs, quotes, gasps and guffaws at Grammy nominations

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Comedian George Lopez began announcing the 50th annual Grammy nominations this morning — in Spanish. Then he stopped and said, "Sorry, I forget, it’s still English just for a few more years.’’

Some other quips and quotables from today's revelations...

‘‘I don’t chant just to win awards. But it helps my life. And I’ve never been nominated for album of the year.’’ — Herbie Hancock, who got up at 5:30 a.m. to chant Buddhist prayers for a half-hour before going to the Grammy nominations. He’s nominated for album of the year for ‘‘River: The Joni Letters.’’

‘‘What is that? I think that’s Leneticy. Letice? Lettuce? Lettucy? They’re so new that we just don’t know. That one hasn’t even come out yet. Yeah, wait ’til you hear it. It’s great.’’ — Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, who were struggling to pronounce the name of best new artist nominee Ledesi.

‘‘This feels amazing. The older you get, the more you figure someone is going to come and turn the faucet off.’’ — Vince Gill, on being nominated for album of the year and country album for ‘‘These Days.’’

‘‘I’m honored to be nominated for this award, best female pop vocal. For me, this is most prestigious award that I could have been nominated for because it’s about the vocal, and it was a very personal time, so I’m thrilled.’’ — Fergie.

"I was really excited that I got to hug the Foo Fighters, Fergie and Akon. I’m glad that was documented. And just getting to meet heroes like that. ... This is like the best birthday week ever.’’ — Taylor Swift, who was nominated for best new artist. She will be 18 next Thursday.

‘‘Could somebody wake her up this afternoon around six (o’clock) and tell her? ... She makes Lindsay Lohan look cool though.’’ — George Lopez, after announcing Amy Winehouse had been nominated for best female pop vocal performance for ‘‘Rehab.’’

‘‘Usually when I’m high and drunk, I’m not very good, but Amy has it down to where she can get a good buzz going and be very creative. That’s quite enviable. And she weighs 40 pounds. I don’t know how she can hold her liquor.’’ — George Lopez, backstage, commenting on Amy Winehouse’s six nominations.


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