"Leave Britney alone!!!"

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Chris Crocker's online video has been viewed millions of times already, and he's none too pleased with critics' dismissal of Britney Spears' opening performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. It's a fascinating, hypnotizing bit of angst, whichever side of the debate you're on.

But the video you really need to watch is Crocker's other related post, "Britney, this is for you" — his own bedroom performance of Britney's "Gimme More." Because here's the deal: If Britney had performed with this much passion, energy and conviction, or even that hair (notice we didn't say talent ...), the critics wouldn't have bashed her in the first place.

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Fat? Are you kidding! She looks good to me! Was Marilyn Monroe fat? How about the millions (ahh...billions!) of other women who can be seen when they turn sideways (nice butt!). I don't think so, Bubba! They look quite healthy and fine to me and to many other men (and to some women too!). I don't know who came up with that Twiggy, pencil-thin stuff (ouch...your ribs are sticking me in my stomach!), but they didn't ask me or the majority of men what a fine, healthy woman should look like. Britney, you look good girl! Don't worry about the haters in the world. They are just jealous! Were I not already married to a beautiful, healthy woman...

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