New rules seek to limit mailings by studios seeking Oscar nods

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LOS ANGELES — Mail carriers rejoice: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants film studios to scale back the crush of mail they send to Academy members to promote their movies during the annual marketing push that leads up to the Oscars.

‘‘We’re asking the companies to use e-mail as much as possible,’’ said Ric Robertson, the Academy’s executive administrator. ‘‘Part of it is being conservation-minded, and part of it is a reaction to our members who complain about the deluge of mail they receive every day.’’

The 80th Academy Awards will air Feb. 24, 2008.

Under new rules disclosed this week, the Academy will no longer permit movie studios to mail sound recordings, music videos, or sheet music of film scores or soundtracks to Oscar voters.

Previously, movie studios could send out CDs with the musical score or song they wanted to promote.

‘‘There is a concern in the music branch that when a score is sent out by itself it is being evaluated outside of the context of the movie and that’s not the way they’re supposed to be evaluated,’’ Robertson said. ‘‘It can’t just be a nice, great, good song, it has to serve the movie in some way intended by the filmmakers.’’

The Academy is also asking film studios to give members the opportunity to opt out from receiving mailings.
Robertson said Academy members can see all the eligible movies and perform their voting duties without relying on the materials the studios send out every fall and winter prior to the Oscars.

In general, the new rules limit studios to sending Academy members screeners, or copies of films for home viewing, screenplays, and information on public screenings.

Robertson said the Academy hasn’t received any calls from studios voicing objections over the latest rules.
In any case, it’s unlikely the Academy would make any changes in the changes until after the Oscars telecast in February.


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