Bawdy parodies dominate Emmy song category

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Right wingers usually find something to harp about when it comes to Hollywood entertainment, even at the Oscars and Grammys — so why not start early with today's Emmy nominations. The category for Original Music and Lyrics (that's called a "song" to you and me) is full of alcoholism, homoeroticism, divorce and one particular homage to the carefully contained phallus. ...

That is, in the category we have:

From ‘‘Family Guy," in an episode called "Peter’s Two Dads,’’ the ode to Peter's sodden father: ‘‘My Drunken Irish Dad.’’

From a ‘‘MADtv" episode, the cheery paean to ex-wives and lovers, ‘‘Merry Ex-Mas.’’

Two songs from the fabulous musical episode of "Scrubs": the informative though scatalogical ‘‘Everything Comes Down to Poo," and the tender admission of platonic male bonding, ‘‘Guy Love."

And, of course, our favorite, if only for the fascination of what a pop cultural phenom it became this year: the Justin Timberlake "Saturday Night Live" special: ‘‘Dick in a Box."

For the record, does anyone else find it curious that every one of these nominees is a parody? When was the last time a straight song was nominated in this category? Pre-"Simpsons"?

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