Oscars 2008 date set

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The 80th Annual Academy Awards has settled into the late-February time frame that the awards show has now used three times — in 2004, ’05 and again this year. Next year’s ceremony is set for Feb. 24, the last Sunday in February, said Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Sid Ganis, who announced the 2008 Oscar calendar Wednesday.

ABC again will broadcast the show live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

To accommodate the Feb. 24 date, the Academy will announce its nominations at 5:30 a.m. PST on Jan. 22.

The awards cycle will kick off Dec. 3, when official screen credit forms are due.

Nominations ballots will be mailed Dec. 26, and the nominations polls will close at 5 p.m. PST on Jan 12.

Following the announcement of the nominations Jan. 22, final ballots will be mailed Jan. 30, and the final polls will close at 5 p.m. PST on Feb. 19.

The Academy will hold its nominees luncheon Feb. 4. The Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards presentation is slated for Feb. 9.

The Hollywood Reporter

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any idea who might be presenting the oscars, ellen was amazing and i dont think u can replace her she was the best
love to know whos doinf it this year i dought anyone knows yet

Oscars are Sunday, February 25, 2008

i think kelly and regis should host the oscars in February 2008

Are they on Feb. 24 (Sat) or Feb 25 (last Sunday in Feb)? Not clear from their announcement.

Feb. 24, 2008, is a Sunday, and that's when the Oscars will be.

There is a certain actor I would love to see present an Oscar. His name is Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin got cheated out of his Oscar, so it would be nice to see him on Oscar night. No one could have performed as well in Walk the Line. No one. It's a classic!

Great! Cinema!

I do not think that Kelly is Oscar host material, nothing against her, Hollywood has so many beautiful ladies, just pick one.

Best choice of all; Joaquin Phoenix with Eva Mendes or Bridgett Moynahan.

Thank you,

Seriously, Ellen looked lost, it was the worst Oscar presentation Ive seen in years.............please try anyone else

If I recall correctly, Jon Stewart was asked back to host this coming year? I actually just Googled the question, and it is Jon Stewart!!

So we find out who are the nominees when?

I think Jon Stewart, should come back one more year.
to host the Oscars of 2008 he does a good job at it Ellen
Degneres wasen't too bad last year but quite not that funny,

Either get Jon Stewart to host the show or get Billy Crystal
back he allways did magnifincinte job by hosting the Oscars
Please somebody get a host.


I think Ellen should again this year! she's not boring!!!!

Maybe Drew Carry. He is hosting a couple of other shows. one more wouldn't hurt.

Hi, We will be in LA on 24th...what is the best advice, to a member of the public, at the entrance to the theatre as far as a good view is concerned...thats if it goes ahead... or, shouldnt we bother? Thanks.

i don't know what was worse, ellen's oscar routine or her red velvet suit that made her blend into the red backdrop curtains and red carpet.

I hope that no matter what the writer's strike is doing the Oscars will go on!

I think conan obrian and jay leno should host the oscars.

what time will the oscars be on?

Does anybody know the date of the 2009 Oscars? Will they also be the last Sunday in Feb. next year?

miley cyrus is presenting an oscar, i just can't wait hope she doesn't embarrase herself, 2008 is miley cyrus year
#1 Miley Cyrus fan(in love with nick jonas from the jonas brothers)

miley cyrus is presenting an oscar, i just can't wait hope she doesn't embarrase herself, 2008 is miley cyrus year
#1 Miley Cyrus fan(in love with nick jonas from the jonas brothers)

Please Oscar!!! Find a big bunch of cash and make Billy Crystal an offer he can't refuse, Oscar night hasn't been the same since he last did it....sorry but who is Jon Stewart?? Sue (UK)

5:30 AM?! or PM? i'm confused.. .. .. @_@


I think Chris Rock shld host the Oscars once again, he is hilarious.

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