Al Gore is not an Oscar winner

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Edward Copeland on Film is riled about a common inaccuracy being reported throughout the media. That is: Al Gore did not win an Oscar. HIs director did.

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Not only did he not win the Oscar, because he did not make the film, but the film is not Oscar worthy. It is more of a power-point demo than a film. I am a documentary filmmaker and there were several films better. The readers should not think I am some far right person with an ax to grind, I am a Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky radical, who feels that the film is OK at best.

You're an idiot (documentary filmmaker -- same thing).

B*LL SH*T, if you were a "Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky radical" you wouldn't spend any time reading or commenting on this drivel.

Al Gore deserves to have his own Oscar just for bringing it to the public's attention. Rather than just take the easy street and rake in millions by giving speeches, Gore actually goes out there and tries to save our planet. He is my hero. By the way, I love Tipper too.

Al Gore is not Oscar worthy becusse there is no Global warming. We are now going to be forced to sign the Kyoto treaty, America is going to build more nuclear power plants because of this so-called Global warming, Europe is after us to build more nuclear power plants as well beause of global warming. Aside from Nuclear power plants being a terrorists dream and most are in disrepair and unsafe anyway, we have to bury this crap in our ground or dump it in the ocean, Green groups allow this but will not allow a person to keep their property if there is an endagered rat or bug on it, go figure as to why they are not fighting Nuclear power and the waste it produces. Al Gores job is done. I'm sure the nuclear king, Halliburton and cheney are glad he won in airhead left wing Hollywood. It must be a good documentary, George Clooney said so.

The movie was not that good. Al Gore is a "whiner". Recently I was travelling through Tennessee (Gore's home State) and came across a cache of 1 lb. automotive freon 12 cans being sold openly at a gas station. This is weird, because they have been outlawed by "green" laws since the '90s. I bought the guys entire stock! What a deal!!! The freon reclamation fee mandated by the government is a total scam. It's like trying to catch a fart in a paper bag.

Is someone truly surprised that the media did not accurately report that it was not Gore who took home the Oscar? Which one sounds better - "former VP and Presidential candidate Al Gore wins his first Oscar, George Lucas does not" or "Davis Guggenheim wins an Oscar. Who is Davis Guggenheim? We're not sure but since he has his picture taken next to Al Gore he's probably some campaign contributor."

I'd go with the first.

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