Zwecker: The Jen Hudson diet!

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By Bill Zwecker
Sun-Times Columnist

HOLLYWOOD — Chicago’s own Jennifer Hudson has received a lot of press for her big weight loss as she has glammed-up her image since the release of “Dreamgirls.” As for the South Side native, she claims she has started something she calls the “Jennifer Hollywood Party Diet. You run from one party to the next one and just as you’re about to eat something someone grabs you to talk to you, so you have no time to eat!”

Ever worried about drinking on an empty stomach at all those fancy parties? “Nope,” said the deeply-religious actress and singer. “You can’t get into trouble when all you drink is club soda with a slice of lemon!” ...

More from the red carpet earlier this evening:

• Spied on the red carpet was high-profile Chicago financial executive Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Capital Management. Though Hobson and filmmaking legend George Lucas have reportedly been dating quietly for some time — their very public walk (hand-in-hand) down the Oscar red carpet certainly seemed to make it all quite official.

• Long-ago Second City ensemble member Alan Arkin said, his best supporting actor nomination for “Little Miss Sunshine” was “still something I’m having a hard time believing ... even today.”

Did he ever dream about something like this back in his Second City days?

“Are you kidding? I thought I’d probably never get hired for another job [after Second City].”

• Asked what is most royal about her, Helen Mirren quipped, "My love of corgis and comfortable shoes. Other than that, I’m afraid there’s not much held in common between this commoner and Her Majesty.”

Look for more of Bill's red-carpet reports in tomorrow's Sun-Times!

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