Why's Smilin' Jack so bare-headed?

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LOS ANGELES — Is Jack Nicholson playing Lex Luthor in the next ‘‘Superman’’ movie? Maybe he’ll be Daddy Warbucks in a remake of ‘‘Annie.’’ Or perhaps he’s going to the same hairstylist as Britney Spears.

As host Ellen DeGeneres walked onto the stage at the beginning of tonight's Oscars, the camera found its way to an applauding Nicholson, who appeared wearing his signature sunglasses and sporting a very non-signature shaved head.

Turns out the extreme haircut is just devotion to craft.

Nicholson and co-star Morgan Freeman are filming director Rob Reiner’s film ‘‘The Bucket List,’’ a buddy comedy/drama about two terminally ill men who flee a cancer ward to complete a list of things they want to do before they die. It is scheduled for release in November.


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