And the Oscar predictions are ...

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A round-up of Oscar predictions ahead of the big weekend (with their best picture picks in parentheses — say that five times fast) ...

• The only predictions you really need, of course, are from Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert. (Babel)
Entertainment Weekly's staff o' critics (The Departed)
The critics at the E! network (Babel/The Departed)
UK paper The Guardian's Oscar blog (Little Miss Sunshine)
• The Envelope critics made a chart of the odds (The Departed/Little Miss Sunshine)
• Cinematical asks: "What would Ernest Borgnine do?"
• Picks from down under at the Sydney Morning Herald

Finally, here's the ultimate round-up chart of what critics have picked for the top categories. Continuously being updated. (Thus far: 26 for The Departed, 18 for Babel, 13 for Little Miss Sunshine and 2 for Letters From Iwo Jima)

Then again, this article from AZ Central asks whether most critics still care enough to be making Oscar predictions. Tasha Robinson, critic and editor at The Onion quips: "Rooting for films at the Oscars is a lot like rooting for the (Chicago) Cubs: You're just going to get your heart broken."

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