From red ribbons to red teardrops

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At the Oscars, it's all about the bling. "It's all about the jewels," celeb Stylist Phillip Bloch told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition." "Now more than ever it's not just about the classic diamond. … People are more willing to take chances and do different things with jewelry … just to jazz it up."

And precisely for that reason — and, no doubt, because the film "Blood Diamond" got such a high profile this year — Amnesty International USA and Global Witness have asked artists and filmmakers to wear a red teardrop pin to raise awareness about conflict diamonds and their impact on child soldiers. Artists who will wear the pin at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony include nominees Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling and Djimon Hounsou. ...

Bonnie Abaunza, director of Amnesty International USA's Artists for Amnesty program, said the director and cast of "Blood Diamond," as well as other artist supporters of human rights, will signify their commitment to action by wearing a gem-free, tear-shaped pin, designed by Alessandra Gallo Jewellery and hand-made by Ricardo Basta of Beverly Hills, who generously donated labor and materials.

"Ours is a very modest gesture, but one that affirms the message that all human life is precious," said Abaunza. "Diamonds are not priceless-human life is."

The pins, she said, will send the message to millions of viewers that evening that the story depicted in "Blood Diamond," while fictional, is based on a devastating reality in terms of the deaths and human rights abuses tied to conflict diamonds.

After the Academy Awards, the pins will be auctioned. Proceeds will be devoted to the rehabilitation of child soldiers through the work of Amnesty International and partner organizations, as well as Global Witness's work on conflict diamonds.

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