'Dreamgirls' to perform at Oscars

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In an exclusive interview with E! News from yesterday's annual Oscars Nominees Luncheon, Jennifer Hudson confirms that she and her "Dreamgirls" cast will perform during the Academy Awards telecast on Feb. 25. "We have a few songs that are nominated … yeah, we'll be singing," Hudson said. When asked who of the cast would be joining her up on stage, Hudson responded, "Yes, my 'Dreamgirls' sisters … my dream sisters." Tune in to E! News at 6 tonight for the full interview, or watch the E! Web site.

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I loved the movie Dreamgirls but I don't understand all the conspiracy theories about the Best Picture snub. I cannot remember a movie declaring itself so important as Dreamgirls has hyped itself to be. It's a good movie, but get over yourself.

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