'Crazy' for Gnarls Barkley at Grammys

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Gnarls Barkley’s unlikely but unstoppable crossover continued at the Grammys tonight, where the duo won two awards. The collaboration between Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse won best alternative music album for their ‘‘St. Elsewhere’’ and best urban/alternative performance for the sensational single ‘‘Crazy.’’ Their mature, show-stopping performance of their hit song was also one of the high points of the award show. ...

Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse, who routinely dress as famous movie characters, performed decked out as airplane pilots, complete with large aviator sunglasses. The inspiration wasn’t clear, though ‘‘Airplane!’’ seemed the best bet.

They trotted out a slowed-down version of ‘‘Crazy’’ that Gnarls has played before. In this rendition, Cee-Lo’s powerful voice was even stronger and the kinetic rhythm of the original version was paced by a martial drum beat.

Cee-Lo’s query, ‘‘Does that make me crazy?’’ suddenly sounded not so flip, but slightly serious — perhaps made more worrisome considering the costume.

The duo began on a small round stage, surrounded by fans, before joining a giant array of a full orchestra and a chorus of two dozen backup singers dressed as flight attendants.

After finishing the song, Cee-Lo stood back and smiled hugely. If he is crazy, he’s enjoying every moment of it.


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