19th loss makes an Oscars record

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LOS ANGELES — Sound engineer Kevin O’Connell didn’t take home an Oscar tonight, but he did put his name in the academy record book — for most Oscar losses, 19, without a win. ...

‘‘I’m already checked into therapy tomorrow,’’ the good-natured engineer said as he arrived for the show.

O’Connell was nominated in the sound mixing category for ‘‘Apocalypto.’’ He lost to ‘‘Dreamgirls.’’

He said his 83-year-old mother planned to watch the show from a San Fernando Valley hospital.

‘‘I would like this to happen while she’s still around. I’m sure she’d like it to happen while she’s still around,’’ O’Connell said.

Still, he managed to find a silver lining in all his losses.

‘‘I’ve definitely gotten more mileage out of losing than winning,’’ he said. ‘‘Everybody kids me, then they all say, ‘We really want you to win.’ I think they’re tired of looking at my mug on TV.’’


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