Whew! That's today, here's tomorrow ...

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29 posts today, a helluva lotta news. Oscar season is officially under way. Gulp.

And coming in tomorrow's Sun-Times:
EBERT! The Sun-Times film critic extraordinaire is watching from home, still recovering from various surgeries, and in Wednesday's paper he takes a look at the year's nominations: "This year’s Academy Award nominations contain a few titles that most moviegoers haven’t seen and some they haven’t heard of. That’s perhaps an indication that the academy voters, who once went mostly for big names, are doing their homework and seeing the pictures." (p.36)

ROEPER! He files a series of Q&As from his post at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, including: "Q. Weren’t you the guy who went on 'The Tonight Show' and predicted 'Dreamgirls' would WIN best picture? A. No, that was Leonard Maltin. Actually, I did say that — but I was just voicing the conventional wisdom at the time. Although I’m surprised, I’m not disappointed about 'Dreamgirls' losing out on a best picture nomination. It wasn’t on my list of the year’s best movies." (.p37)

ZWECKER! Our celebrity columnist rounds up more reaction from the nominees, including this choice bit from Helen Mirren: ‘‘I must say, since playing Her Majesty, I do look at our money a bit differently,’’ she said with a laugh. ‘‘Her portrait there just looks different to me now.’’ (p.38)

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