'This is, whew!' Quotes from around the Globes

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A collection of quotes from tonight's Golden Globes madness ...

"I'm glad this isn't too heavy because I just had hernia surgery Dec. 21. So, I just wanted to share that with all of you." — Best actor in a TV musical or comedy winner Alec Baldwin for "30 Rock."


"Elizabeth I would have an amazing speech at this point, wouldn't she? `Thank you,' and then she would get very humble and then she'd be teary and then she'd be powerful. I have nothing to say but, `Thank you very much. I had an incredible role.'" — Best actress winner for TV miniseries or movie Helen Mirren for "Elizabeth I."


"If I have on an inch of makeup, I can do anything." — Movie supporting actor winner Eddie Murphy for "Dreamgirls."


"You don't know what this does for my confidence. I feel good." — Foreign language film winner Clint Eastwood for "Letters From Iwo Jima."


"You do not know how much this does for my confidence, because of this, it makes me feel like I'm part of a community and it makes me feel like I'm an actress." — Supporting actress winner Jennifer Hudson for the film "Dreamgirls"


"I know everyone says they have a wonderful crew and certainly that can't be the case. We can't all be wonderful. Somebody somewhere is working with a crew of drunken thieves. But it's not me." — Drama actor winner Hugh Laurie for TV's "House"


"I think I've worked with everybody in the room. Yes, I have." — Musical or comedy actress winner Meryl Streep for the movie "The Devil Wears Prada"


"I live in Ireland and I forget all of you. ... I can't remember your names." — Jeremy Irons, winner of the supporting actor award for the TV miniseries "Elizabeth I"


"This show has been such an amazing gift, an unexpected gift, which is the very, very best kind." — TV drama actress winner Kyra Sedgwick for "The Closer."


"Oh God. Thank you so much. This is, whew!" — Emily Blunt, winner of best supporting actress in a TV miniseries for "Gideon's Daughter."

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