More 'tap dancing' reactions to noms

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"The biggest effect it's having on little kids is they all want to go to tap-dancing lessons." — George Miller, director of animated feature nominee "Happy Feet."

More reactions from nominees and other, to be updated here throughout the day ...

Miller continued, "We tried to make 'Happy Feet' different from anything that has been seen before. It was a crazy four-year labor of love that brought together great talent from all around the world. A stunning voice cast, brilliant singers and musicians, an army of young and passionate animators and visual effect artists who were determined to push the technology to its limits. To know that the film has been so widely embraced and now acknowledged by an Academy nomination for Best Animated Film validates all our best labors....It means we weren't so crazy after all."

"Without a doubt, receiving this nomination will stand out as one of the highlights of my career." _ Eddie Murphy, supporting-actor nominee for "Dreamgirls."

"Any time someone says you have an opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese you jump at the chance." — Mark Wahlberg, supporting-actor nominee for "The Departed."

"On a professional level, what's really wonderful about it is to be part of a film that dealt with these difficult and painful and contentious events." — Paul Greengrass, best-director nominee for "United 93," speaking on BBC television.

"I'm in frighteningly good company. It is very nice of the queen to allow me in for a minute." — Judi Dench, best-actress nominee for "Notes on a Scandal," with a nod to Helen Mirren, in a statement from London.

"If each one of them got nominated on their own, that would be great, but the fact that they all did ... that's just too much for one little girl this early in the morning." — Mexican actress Salma Hayek, nominations announcer, on a slew of bids for Hispanics, including friends Penelope Cruz ("Volver") and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Babel").

"If you get put in a list with those guys you've done pretty well." — Stephen Frears, director of "The Queen," talking to BBC television about fellow best-director nominees Clint Eastwood ("Letters From Iwo Jima") and Martin Scorsese ("The Departed").

"I think the Academy responded to the movie on an emotional level." — Jon Kilik, a producer of best-picture nominee "Babel."

"I am now going out to buy a new dress." — Susanne Bier, director of Denmark's foreign-language nominee "After the Wedding," talking to Copenhagen's TV2 News.

"It's sort of like asking who your favorite child is. We're thrilled for both the films, the filmmakers." — Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Entertainment, which distributed two foreign-language nominees, "After the Wedding" and "Days of Glory."

Peter Morgan, nominated for a screenplay Oscar for "The Queen," said this morning: "This is, of course, the highest compliment our industry bestows and the greatest honor. I am proud and thrilled 'The Queen' has been embraced internationally like this. The whole journey has been mind-boggling and exciting. I sincerely hope friends at home will still talk to me."

‘‘Woooooo. Woo-hoooo! I’m almost hoarse already. I have been screaming and crying and laughing. I am so unbelievably thrilled. I feel like I’ve never been nominated for anything before in my life. ... Literally as I jumped into the car my phone rang and it was Sam [Mendes, husband]. I exploded into this ridiculous display of whooping and screaming. My poor son could not work out what the hell was going on. ‘Mommy what is it, what is it?’ ’’ — Kate Winslet, up for best supporting actress

Two stars of "Babel" were obviously excited. Adriana Barraza said, ‘‘I cried and screamed and kissed my husband [Arnaldo Pipke]. I’ve been crying and screaming! I called my daughter [Caroline Valsagna, 31] in Argentina — I’m in Miami. And I got many, many phone calls from my friends.’’ Rinko Kikuchi: ‘‘I’m in Paris doing a photo shoot to promote ’Babel.’ When I heard I was like, ’Wow!’ I first called my mother and she was very happy. I am very happy, too.’’

‘‘Congratulations to all of the nominees. It is a great honor to be considered among this caliber of performers. No competition, all celebration. Let the parties begin.’’ — Will Smith, in New York working on ‘‘I Am Legend,’’ in a statement about his nomination as best actor for ‘‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’’

Best adapted screenplay nominee Tom Perrotta ("Little Children’’), at home outside of Boston, was up for the nomination announcements ‘‘but I didn’t want to watch ... It’d be great if you knew you were going be named but sad if you were expecting to hear it and you didn’t. It would have a bad dream element ... I just decided the tension of watching it live was a little too much for me.’’ ‘‘Children’’ didn’t get nods for directing or picture, something Perrotta attributed to it not having been widely enough seen. ‘‘I think if the movie had had a higher profile and a wider release, we might have found ourselves in those places. I’m glad for the nominations we got, though.’’

Michael Arndt, screenwriter for ‘‘Little Miss Sunshine’’ was up from 3 a.m. on waiting for the nominations. While the Bay Area-based Arndt is a chronic insomniac, Tuesday morning he could attribute his sleeplessness to anxiety over the Oscar nominations. ‘‘It’s crazy. I was just thinking that exactly two years ago in January 2005, I gave up that this film would ever get made. Everyone in Hollywood had passed on it,’’ said Arndt. ‘‘And then last year we were just hoping to get a distribution deal. This whole past year has been Murphy’s Law in reverse.’’

AP/Big PIcture News/Sun-Times wires

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