Mirren, 'Little Miss' reactions

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from Sun-Times columnist Cindy Pearlman...

You have to love "Little Miss Sunshine," who says that she was sleeping when the nominations came out. "My Mom woke me up," says Abigail Breslin, nominated for best supporting actress. When asked by the morning shows if an Oscar nomination was better than Christmas, she gave the honest answer of any kid. "Wellllll...." she hedged. "I guess so." By the way, she isn't the youngest ever to be nominated. Tatum O'Neal was six months younger when she got the nom for "Paper Moon."

Helen Mirren was on set in England when she received the good news of her Oscar nomination for "The Queen." When asked why playing queens has been very very good to her, the always lovely Mirren set the record straight. "Queens have been very good to me. I was also below the stairs as the housekeeper in 'Gosford Park.' I've been above the stairs and below the stairs."

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