Leo and Marty's blanket responses

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We're crossing our fingers hoping this is the year Martin Scorsese thanks the Academy. Today, in light of his nomination for "The Departed," the acclaimed director says: “I am very pleased that 'The Departed' has been honored with five nominations for this year’s Academy Awards. I am particularly happy that the hard work of the entire cast and crew has been rewarded with a Best Picture nomination and that the specific contributions of Mark Wahlberg, our screenwriter William Monahan, and my longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker have been recognized with nominations, as well.” ...

Leonardo DiCaprio was in London primping for the premiere of "Blood Diamond" there when he got the happy news. Leo's response? 

"I'm honored to receive this nomination from the Academy -- especially in a year full of such worthy nominees. I'm grateful to everyone who has supported 'Blood Diamond.' Being nominated is a tribute to everyone who worked on this film -- especially Ed Zwick. I am also thrilled for Djimon, Mark and Marty - all so deserving of this recognition."

Cindy Pearlman

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