Jen Hudson: 'I did it!'

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ABC's interviewing Jennifer Hudson right now, via satellite — she's in London, where she just attended the British premiere of "Dreamgirls" — and she's fumbling for words, stumbling, speechless. She sounds a lot like Forrest Whitaker on Golden Globes night.

Some quotes ...

"Right now, I'm in shock, almost numb. ... The journey was really worth it."

"Never in my wildest dreams, this never occurred to me [the chance to win an Oscar]. I thought maybe I would have won a Grammy first or some kind of musical award."

"I think this is something for everyone, not just for me. ... I'm just that girl just like everyone else. ... To me, this is testimony to say you can do it. I'm the example God has chose to show you can do it."

She's asked about the best picture shut-out, and she tactfully responds: "Bill Condon [the director] did an amazing job. Everyone did. I guess we should be grateful for the recognition we have received, and I think we're all proud and happy to be a part of it."

She's in London, so friends and family haven't been able to call her yet. To them, she tells the TV cameras: "I did it! The people I'm with, we're all in tears. It's overwhelming to sit back and see what God can do."

Now the "Today" show's got her on the satellite. She's even more speechless, and Al Roker's idiot questions aren't helping:

"I'm sitting here in shock right now. Thirty minutes is not enough time to absorb something like this."

Poor thing, they've rousted her up and into this chair to be on heaven knows how many talk shows. Welcome to stardom.

"It's been 17 years of work trying to get somewhere and be able to to be here today and be part of such greatness. There's no words for it. I really don't know what to say."

Al observes: "You really seem stunned." Yup, she is: "I really am. I don't want to get crying in here. This is so far beyond anything. I can't put it into words." Yeah, duh.

She's dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. "I just need to take a moment. I haven't had time to enjoy any of my blessings."

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Thanks to the good Lord, Jennifer hasn't forgotten Him, and has given Him the glory!

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