Globes: The morning-after speculation

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Some people probably are still partying in Beverly Hills after last night's Golden Globes hootenanny. Meanwhile, journalists and critics and Oscars soothsayers are already plugging the Globes data into their various oracles to see what's in store ...

• In USA Today, Scott Bowles considers how the lack of many upsets at the Globes will affect the favorites going into the Oscars.
• Canada's Globe and Mail offers a big-picture perspective on what the rest of awards season might look like after last night.
• A TV critic, on his blog, joins the growing chorus of observers who think Oscar night will hold few surprises.
CNN's blog catches up with the morning after Globes. The L.A. Times' great awards-season blog has a fun run-down of the backstage banter and after-parties.
• Here in Chicago, it's been one big Jen Hudson victory party, but just so we remember that perspective (and, as in real estate, location) is everything, take a look in these headlines at how the Globes were received down under in Australia: "No Globe for Cate," "Blanchett Beaten by Hudson," and "Aussies Frozen Out of Golden Globes." Too bad, so sad.
• And now here's a report on the plans under way for Oscar night.
• Finally, read Mark Harris' thoughts on the failure of the Academy's new rules, from the back page of this week's Entertainment Weekly.

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