Fashion revolutions at Golden Globes

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Sun-Times columnist Paige Wiser has been watching the red carpet tonight. Here's her report, and see the photos right here, right now and in tomorrow's Showcase section ...

By Paige Wiser
Sun-Times Columnist

Golden Globes fashion is all relative, of course. The TV Guide Channel reminded us of that by sending a correspondent into the bleachers to interview fans in all their fuschia track-suited glory.

But our celebrities are paid to look perfect, and not all of them deserved a bonus this year. (For shame, Vanessa Williams!)

The major trends?

• Jewel tones: Everyone from dressed in rich color, from America Ferrera (deep purple) to Renee Zellweger (emerald satin).

• Mirrored purses: Younger actresses Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) and Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) giggled and flashed their built-in mirrors at the cameramen.

• Breasts: If you didn’t have them on glorious display, you were out of style. Beyonce deserves special mention (side-cleavage division), as well as the ample Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Overall, there were impeccable newcomers (Emily Blunt) and some reliable flops (Sharon Stone, who couldn’t be bothered to take her oversized sunglasses off on the red carpet). To all you disgraceful fashion don’ts: Better luck next year.

Breaking down the breakups: Drew Barrymore vs. Cameron Diaz vs. Reese Witherspoon: Freshly separated from longtime beau (and Strokes drummer) Fabrizio Moretti, Barrymore positively glowed in her newly single status. She accessorized her draped John Galliano gown with a faux tan — and a bow-tied Hugh Grant, the co-star of her next film.

Cameron Diaz: This is no way to make Justin Timberlake jealous. Mistake No. 1: the bad breakup dye job. Mistake No. 2: harsh red, unkissable lips. Mistake No. 3: a frou-frou gown that flattens in all the wrong places and is uncomfortably reminiscent of a wedding cake.

Reese Witherspoon: The formerly bubbly starlet looked lean — and kind of mean — in bold color with a new stick-straight hairstyle. This does not bode well for the divorce proceedings.

Sheryl Crow: She was up for the evening’s only music award, but she killed the evening gown competition in an aubergine Elie Saab confection.

Jessica Biel: Say what you will, but the “7th Heaven” star knows her strengths: a snug, nude gown with a touch of sparkle works every time.

Eva Longoria: All eyes were on her engagement ring, but her navy Ungaro was flawless, too.

Seal: As if constantly impregnating Heidi Klum wasn’t enough to prove his sex appeal, Seal showed some skin in his black-on-black tux.

Penelope Cruz: This Chanel Couture gown in Cruz’s signature black has a distinct Spanish flair.

Jennifer Lopez: She combines the best of Jackie Kennedy with Cleopatra in a Marquesa creation.

Hayden Panettiere: From her elaborate goddess updo to her Monique Lhullier dress, Panettiere has already mastered the Grecian formula.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Scandalous? Us? The muted gray of Jolie’s dress matched her fading Billy Bob tattoo as the world’s best-looking couple struck a note of elegant respectability.

Rinko Kikuchi: The combination of black epaulets and dangling bath loofahs on the “Babel” star’s dress must have lost something in translation.

Worst hair: Vanessa Williams: This is what it looks like when a drag queen gives his mother a makeover.

Sienna Miller: She could be one of Captain Von Trapp’s illegitimate, less talented children, couldn’t she?

Sarah Paulson: Maybe she should have done a dry run with the hot rollers first.

Most improved hair: Rainn Wilson of “The Office.”

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hayden panettieres hair in bring it on all or nothing was so cool thats how im getting my hair done

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