Chicago Music Awards next week

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The 26th annual Chicago Music Awards are coming up Jan. 28 at the Park West, 322 W. Armitage. Tickets ($35-55) are available at TIcketmaster.

The ceremony will feature numerous entertainers including gospel great Darius Brooks; classical violinist Rachel Barton Pine; reggaeton Guayacol Y Ale Nova; R&B rising stars P. Coakley, Lil Mann, and Trey D.; internationally known spoken-word artist Malik Yusef, featuring Red Storm; reggae star Indika Band, featuring Bunny Jackson and Hugh Roy; jazz songbird Tammy McCann; rock stars Saturn Project; and female Latin star Nythia Riveria. Special guest performances by the all-female Jazz band KCR Ensemble; winner of "Chi-town Idol" Lawrence Brown; Lov’Andre and others.

The special recipients for Lifetime Awards are: gospel legend Delores Washington of the Caravans; jazz icon Fred Anderson; historic black film maker Ronn Pitts; veteran radio disc jockeys Richard Pegue, Dick Biondi and Clark Weber. Special recipients for Award of Honor are:  Chicago Gospel Festival coordinator/radio host Pam Morris; Oprah Winfrey XM radio producer, writer and radio host Mark Ruffin; rock/country producer and singer Kevin Chalfant; veteran radio jockey Robert (Bob) Stroud; and from Ethiopia, veteran African/reggae entertainer Zeleke Gessesse, who in the last three years helped build schools in Ethiopia for thousands of children.

Topping the list of nominees, gospel superstar Darius Brooks & JMG, nominated for Best Gospel Entertainer, Best Gospel CD/Album “My Soul” and “The Reunion” with former members of the Thompson Community Singers and also Songwriter of the Year, Most Outstanding Band/Group, Record Label of the Year, and from his JMG label Best New Entertainer. Other top nominees include: Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Buddy Guy, the Caravans, Umphrey’s McGee, Marty Casey & Lovehammers, Funkadesi, Malcolm Williams & the Voices of Great Faith, Danki Man, Ricky Luis, and Marshal Thompson & the Chi-Lites.

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Oprah Winfery should give her suport to the family of legendary black enterttainers like Creadel Jones Chi Lites member who died in poverty do to mistreatment both he and his wife Deborah Jones died
thier legendary famliys and legendary legacys like the Chi Lites
and mistreated and should be protected and giving thr respect to the family and the legacys that built it!!!!

The stealing of these legendary legacys is sad and should stop!!!
NO LEGNDARY Black entetainers are fgiure should be llowed to be in poverty and thier family deserve the best Oprah shoul suport thier legacy and do sometihing to prevent the mistreatment!!!!
Why oes she not try to help?

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