Best Oscars ever? and other tidbits ...

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So it's shaping up to be a down-to-the-wire contest in many categories. As this writer at Studio Daily put it, in his insights today about the nominations: "If your idea of a great Oscar night is one where none of the oddsmakers has any clear picture of who the frontrunners are, this could be a banner year."

Some other curious Oscar links from today's news, updated as we go...

Business Week just asked: Will Oscars Nods Boost Movie Stocks?

The Oscar telecast will be in HD!

SF Chronicle Mick LaSalle has a good analysis of the nominations, and we love him because he refers to "Babel" as "fraudulent and fake-intellectual" and "a flat-out lousy film." It's down to Marty vs. "Babel" in the big category...

Salon has a nifty chart showing how a few media outlets predicted certain Oscar categories vs. how the nominations actually shook out this morning.

The first thing you learn in journalism is that all news is local. That said, even Oscars headlines depend on where you are:
• Britain: Brits are back in Oscars race with 'The Queen'
• India: Mehta's 'Water' nominated for Oscars
• Australia: Four Assuies for Oscars
• Los Angeles: Oscars: 'Long time coming' for Latinos

And, finally, anyone remember when the Oscars were not a big deal?

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