Brat Packer shies from Oscar speculation

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"Bobby," the Emilio Estevez-directed account of the night Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed, has already generated a lot fo Oscar buzz — like, hey, let's nominate that for Best Picture. After a screening at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year, Estevez, 44, was given a standing ovation. “I was weeping in the theater,? he admits. But he dodges any Oscar speculation ...

As Cindy Pearlman reports in her interview with Estevez in today's Sun-Times, Estevez isn’t letting the buzz get into his head.

“For me, there is no end game on this,? he says. “As for a best picture nomination, I can’t really engage in that chatter right now. If I engage and it doesn’t happen, then it will be disappointing.

“I’ve already won by making this film. Being off the radar for so long, this is a nice re-entry.?

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