Beyonce jealous of Chicago's Jen Hudson?

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In today's column, Bill Zwecker looks at the evidence that Beyonce is getting a little miffed at all the Oscar buzz surrounding not her but "Dreamgirls" co-star, and Chicago native, Jennifer Hudson ...

Could things possibly be not so dreamy between a couple of the "Dreamgirls" stars? Though representatives for all involved already are denying it, there are rumors Beyonce Knowles — and especially her parents Matthewand Tina Knowles — are none too happy about all the Oscar buzz going to Beyonce's co-star, and Chicago native, Jennifer Hudson.

First tipped by the MediaTakeOut Web site, the Knowleses reportedly are upset about more of the spotlight being focused on Hudson, the former "American Idol" star, rather than Beyonce — who shares top billing on the film with Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

Based on the hit Broadway musical, the film debuts nationally on Christmas Day. It received a huge boost Monday when Oprah Winfrey devoted her entire show to the upcoming film.

Though friendly on stage, sources claim Beyonce was very chilly to Hudson behind the scenes at "Oprah" — though a source at Harpo (which produces the show) called that "just plain silly... everyone backstage was happy, friendly and talking to everyone involved."

We'll see how "happy and friendly" everyone is when those Golden Globe and Oscar nominations start coming out.

Bill Zwecker

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Beyonce needs to give it up she CAN NOT SING LIKE JENNIFER. She may be skinner and all the fake hair but has no vocal talent that conpares to Jennifer

Didn't Beyonce know before taking the part that Effie was the one who's supposed to be "less attractive" but more talented? That's how it was while the play was on Broadway. It seems odd that now she'd be upset.

Beyonce needs to hush she can not sing and act like Jennifer Hudson, and besides I just received evidence that Beyonce is really 32 years old, someone let her vital records leak in which it showed that Beyonce Giselle Knowles were born in 1974. I have no respect for her anymore. Give it up Beyonce you are not Oscar material!!! Jennifer Hudson is definately oscar material!!!

Does jenifer have 9 grammys? NO Does she have a hit record? No She doesn't even a have a hit single but beyonce has alot of them,countless hit records with destinys child and 2 by herself so obviously she can sing and if Jenifer is just so great, why didn't she win american idol?

total agree with you Zebra!

Wow B- showed her true catty ways with this one.... she needs to realize that everyone can see through her snide remarks and that only makes jennifer look more like a lady.... the girl can sing simply put... stick to what you know B.... oh and no one was buying that piblicity stunt about you and J getting married... to keep the buzz on you... he can only bail you out so may times...

Beyonce is accustomed to being center stage. Her history shows that when that is challenged, she sends mommy and daddy to get it right. But this is not Destiny's Child, and they can not simply kick Jennifer out, as countless others have been. Jennifer can SING, she is not a star, like Beyonce, so she has no choice but to rip it, as she has done. Kudos to Jennifer!

Ok to the person who said that Beyonce has all grammys oscars and all that, she may, but remember she is successful because she is marketable... why didn't Jennifer win American Idol. I'll tell you. I have auditionned for American Idol and quickly realized that your talent does not automatically guarantee you a spot on the show. They are looking for people with a story to tell, something that is TV.... Like Fantasia's story. Not to take anything from her the woman is phenomenal... But that's why Jennifer did not win. How many people have been kicked off american Idol prematurely or unfairly? But who is the winner now????? Jennifer is doing well for herself. Beyoncé needs to chill.. I was a big fan of hers but now, she's working my nerves. She is a little too greedy. She needs to go hide for a minute and let us miss her. She can't possibly think that she will remain hot for the rest of her career and that another can't have the chance at the spotlight!! If Jennifer wins this Oscar and she does not that is a smack not a slap but a smack in the face for her. She has already used Michelle and Kelly two perfectly talented and capable ladies to boost her career and she has succeeded. Now beyonce it's time to move to the back seat. Trust me it's not as bad as you think girl. As you stated you "already have 9 grammy's" right???????

I think that personally, Bayonce can do her little runs or watever, but Jennifer has a strong voice...! Beyonce could blow sumbody AWAY with her voice..not to get me wrong beyonce can sing but Jennifer can SANG!! YOu would think Beyonce got tired uv being in the spotlight. Do you think thta Michelle or Kelly got to lead even one third uv the songs beyonce haz lead in destinny's CHild NOOOOOOOOO! SO Beyonce needs to face the facts that Jennifer can Blow!! Thats it point blank period

ok this is personal ya jennifer hudson can sang i went and saw the damn movie she was off the chains and she did her thang. on the other hand beyyonce did her thang she created dance moves for the movie made a new song and acted her heart out. they both did equally as well. this shouldnt b competition. beyonce is my girl i love her to death im probably one of her biggest fans but that doesnt mean i cant sit here and say that jennifervcan get some of the spotlight. eventually she will but 4 now beyonce is doin her thang and by yall sayin s--- make yall look like a bunch of hater i mean give bey her credit jennifer gettin her props as we speak but evey body want to hate on bey we aint got no tru fans out there. as soon as aombody makes a mistake yall wonna switch and go with the flow. like well eveybody dissin bey so now i dont like her no more. man wut ever im thru wit yall

I think the world wants to see the under dog win and she did so fairly and squarely. We need to stop worshipping beauty and glamour.Jennifer Hudson is REAL and I think that is what people like so much.

Jennifer Hudson has a natural ability to connect with the audience and she can sing like a seasoned professional. I cried when she sang(tears of joy) I never cry>especially at a packed movie theater. She moved me. Beyonce was just herself. I forgot her character.
Eddie Murphy and Jamie Fox were excellent. I really like the movie.
I see that from Beyonce's remarks about Jennifer she is hurt and jealous. I see Beyonce as a cut throat spoiled brat who wanted and "OSCAR" just to say she got one. She is not a talented actor by no means at all. She was average and seemed nervous and unsure of herself. Boo to her family for not extending Jennifer Hudson her respect. Jennifer will go on and win grammys and win other awards because she got the "it" factor. Bravo Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Dreamgirls and words can’t explain the powerful performance that Jennifer Hudson displayed. She definately owned that movie. I believe that there could be some jealousy on Beyonce’s part. This movie as she stated was the part that made her a true actress. I believe that this movie was soley based on the life Effie. Therefore, the true leading actress was Jennifer Hudson. In my opinion she has the strongest voice out of the two. I also believe the rumours about Beyonce’s parents giving Hudson the cold shoulder due to the stories about them in the past with past singers in Destiny’s Child. Let this girl enjoy her moment but moment it is not. A STAR WAS DEFINATELY BORN!!!

Dana, I couldn't have said it better. Thank YOU!

My only comment is to definitely back up on the spotlight of Beyonce's essence right NOW. Everyone knows that she can sing and Yes, she is a great singer/performer... But, these past 2 months, Beyonce has stuck her feet in her mouth about winning awards.
"I want to be the first black woman to win an Oscar, Grammy, and TONY Award!." THOSE WERE HER WORDS!!

Now, it's looking like the Oscar is not coming... and it's heading toward Jennifer and SHE'S NOT LIKING THAT. Why you ask? Because Jennifer is so talented that it's possible that SHE COULD STEAL BEYONCE'S THUNDER, by being the first to win ALL 3, if she wanted to!!

Merinate on that thought :)

From all the comments that I am reading about Beyonce and Jennifer, I think they are both talented, but in there own way. Beyonce is Beyonce and eveyone knows her. Jennifer, is a person that everyone used to know of her as Jennifer from American Idol. First of all, Jennifer can sang, and we already knew that from American Idol. Jennifer tried the acting thing to see where it will put her and of course, it's going great for her because she is finally stepping into the spotlight because she aced her role as Effie in Dreamgirls. Beyonce, I don't think that she is all that much of a great singer but she is a great entertainer and men love her. Beyonce was hoping and was for sure that when she got the role as Deena in Dreamgirls, that everyone would be talking about her winning an Goledn Globe and Oscar. She can't act. Point blank. In my strongest opinion, the only way that Beyonce will win an Oscar if she start stripping out of her clothes and show a "boob" here and there or a sex scene like they did Halle Berry. That is the only way that she will win an Oscar. Think about it. Halle didn't win an Oscar until she played in "Monster's Ball" stripping off her clothes and showed a "boob". Beyonce, it's o.k. Work on your acting a little bit more and an Oscar will come to you. Be patient. It's not the end of the world and you have plenty of time.

I agree..I still do not see what the hype is all about with Beyonce! Only in this country can money buy a talentless person talent!! I have always felt she was a “studio” artist. Ever heard her sing a whole song acapella?? That always proves if someone is TRULY talented! If she was on American Idol she probably wouldn’t have lasted past the first round! The more she tries to explain away her non-jealousy shows just how jealous she is!! Jennifer Hudson in now as much of an icon in Chicago as Michael Jordan is… not to mention very sincere and humble. She still lives here and goes about doing her daily business as if nothing has ever happened!! That is what a true star does…doesn’t let fame go to their head!! If anything Beyonce should take a page from Jennifer and learn what true class is…staying grounded even if the spotlight doesn’t always shine on you!! Obviously something her “brilliant” parents neglected to teach her!! Love you Jennifer…you know Chicago will always be by your side!!!

Well bump that singing difference since Beyonce definitely wouldn't have made American Idol either. She got 9 grammys because she didn't do American Idol. Beyonce should be jumping infront of every TV screen congratulating her CO-STAR! She was finally in a movie where the actors are being recognized for the same movie. It's the closests she's been to the award. Oh yeah...maybe because 9 grammys doesn't make you an actress!!! She should get mad at herself for saturating the market. People are curious about the unknown & with the B-Day album, making the video, being her mom's fashion line's main model, self-praising for doing all of everything on her album, too much Beyonce-filled videos, that nagging "my man's messing up again" voice all over the radio, and you can't get away from Beyonce to breathe for 1 second constant marketing--of course anybody else in the movie would be more interesting! I thought the extras were more dynamic then that redundant woman. I praise her for making something of herself & trying to expand but, the more she supports others making it to the top then the more they'll help her stay on top. She should know that if the public sees it then, the industry peers have taken note for sure. Hope she doesn't pull a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding stunt! Jealousy is not pretty...

Beyonce is whack, her acting is lousy and I'm sorry to say but her voice isn't all that great. Jennifer Hudson may have gotten lucky in Dreamgirls, but I hear her rendition of I'm Telling You on the radio and I don't think it's good either. If you are honest in your critiques you know it sounds like she is yelling and screaming and struggling to do what Jennifer Holiday did flawlessly.

u kno..beyonce is pretty an all..but u kno..dis is the real world...
im sure she isn't all that pretty of camera not sayin i hate her..she is an ok actor

I am so glad that Beyonce has been totally snubbed in this!!!! The Gods are finally awake; that talentless, power greedy, conceited and selfish girl and her family can finally learn that there are people out there with REAL TALENT. Kudos Jennifer Hudson all the way!!! I love your talent, your humility and your spirit. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth!!!!!!!!

Beyonce said she would be the first black woman to win a Tony, Oscar and Grammy...dream on, dream girl. The grammies may have bought into you talentlessness, and rewarded you for your physical looks, but I can guarantee you, Ms Beyonce, no one else can be fooled by your crap...NO ONE. I saw Boulevard of Brokien Dreams last night, and I saw what Baeyonce and her selfish and cruel family did to LeToya and Latavia....What goes around comes around!!! Jennifer, KEEP YOU HEAD UP girl, and don;t let those selfish, power hungry and greedy Knowleses try to keep you down. We are all rooting fer ya girl/ KISSES!

I am so happy for jennifer Hudson may God keep you around for a long time . You are a soulful singer we need that. Keep your head up. I will be rooting for you . OSCAR!

This is jsut sad on how m any people hate on Beyonce. Its very sad that people shit on females that are doign something positive with her life. If you all watch Oprah you would se ethat there is no tention between JHudson and Beyonce. Jennifer even said Beyonce made her cry when she wont he Gloden Globe awards. She said evertime she wins an award Beyonce either call her or text her to say congratulations. Beyonce is Beyonce she will never be outdone by Jennifer. She is a star in her own light. Jennifer hudson said she will loves Beyonce and Beyonce is her favorite artist. She also said that Beyonce gave her so much support and love during the making of the movie and she is still loving her and giving support to her now. Its crazy how people love the media and believe everything the media has to say. You dont see the media turing on Jamie Fox and saying he is jealous of Eddie Murphy. Please when ever two strong women are involved people want to through their negativity in. Beyonce is a well rounded respected entertainer in this industry....We are watching a ICON in the making.....So why would she be jealous....And if she is jealous then so what she is human....People stop acting like we were never jealous of someone or something....

I have always admired Jennifer Hudson. powerful voice, down to earth, I am so happy for her, even now she seems so grounded and not at all big headed by her succes, wish her all the best. Beyonce just be nice.

Beyonce should really be ashame of herself. Black people have waited a long time to have so many of us on screen as there are. We all want to be stars. Obviously she did not know what the movie/play was about or mabey she would have gained the pounds and tried to get that part oh I forgot she can't sing and never could somehow her father got a real good marketing person for her and that is how she got so popular and sold cd's. Beyonce you are not a beautiful girl nor a singer or actress you need more lessons in all. and mabey if you drop all the unrealness about yourself the fake hair and makeup we will see the real Beyonce knowles. If your father is counting on your popularity to keep him rich he had better find some more talent and Jennifer is not even thinking of letting him manage her for what so he can put her in the background to keep you up front. Beyonce you are a fake phony and not one to represent the black race I feel sorry for you but I don't feel sorry for you. You need to marry JZ you are going to need him later on in life mabey he will teach you some of his game because trust me he's got game little girl.

Beyonce has done a lot in the past three or four years to be proud of. But the fact that she over marketed herself and this movie and got absolutely no recognition for her acting skills has totally shocked her. Not only that, but she was outshined by a new comer, not the center of attention and that to her is a hard pill to swallow. Being a pop goddess and winning nine Grammy’s does not make you an instant movie star. It takes skill. She really thought that her popularity and of course she is Beyonce, that she would automatically get all these best actress awards for this movie role. Wow was this a wake up call for her and her father. Maybe now she will regroup and humble herself and count her blessings.

In Jennifer Hudson’s case, she was probably just happy to get her first break not realizing the outcome. She didn’t have a plan; she just wanted to get a break. And talk about the pressure of your first big gig working with seasoned veterans like Danny Glover, Eddie and Jamie. She nailed it like a pro and it paid off big time. Beyonce was only thinking about Beyonce and it failed her.

beyonce is a bitch she cant act to save her life jennifer hudson sang her ass off in that movie beyonce didnt prove that she could act all shes so stuck on herself all she do is try to stay on top and if somebody else can sang she gets jealous as hell her family raised a dum creul whore i dont like beyonce she wants it all shes too greedy im sick of her ways

Beyonce is fat. She has fake hair. She is just an average looking woman who's made up. The way they over rate these girls is ridiculous.

I'd kill myself if I was as fat as her.

Beyonce said 'I have nine grammys. Everyone knows that I can sing. I was proving that I could act.' I think we can safetly say that she failed that mission. The child cannot act to save your life and mine. She is a glory hog that can not handle someone else being in the spotlight with her and out shining her.

During the Oscars, when they performed she was being out sang by Jennifer and the Tony award winner (apologize...can not remember her name). She was probably extra salty because she could not sing 'Listen' by herself. But to get on stage and have the song that you put on your album sang better than you by someone else (Jennifer).....someone please wipe the hate off of Beyonce's jealous face!!!!

If she does not control her jealous diva style behavior, get her parents in order....this song is NOT about them. She is going to end up just like Brandy....Over saturated and hated!!!!

It's funny how people can sit around and critize Beyonce about her hair and her weight in attempts to stick up for Jen. The are freaking celebs give Jen a min. and she'll be rocking the fake hair too. And lets not for get to point out the everyone commenting on looks along must be perfect(i seriously dout it, most like u all are just as jealous and B was)But on a real note they both are talented it but some ppl just do some things better than others. In the case of Dreamgirls Jen came out on top. We all know they both can sang, cos Beyonce can carry a note too. Her voice just isn't as strong as Jen's which in some cases, that might be best!!!!

Are u people sure about Beyonce saying she wanted to be the 1st black woman to win an oscar? Where is that? Because Halle Berry won it for Monster's Ball remember?

sorry for my english coz i'm french but this movie is not THE movie for beyonce coz it looks like destiny's child she is the leader and the 2 others chorist the only thing who interrest her is the spotlight! she thinks she is the best whatever is do but not this time ! and during the oscar show we can see how jealous she is and how jennifer is "cold" with her

all ya haterz need to get da f.. off of Beyonces d.. no one can ever compare to her. no one. you people are just as bad as the media always taking sh.. about sh.. that doesn't involve anyone of you. get a life instead of worrying about others. and thats the truth.


Diamond- E! Network had a show on Beyonce. Beyonce said "I wanna be the first black woman to win a grammy, an oscar and a tony"

iwant beyonce to know that she needs to count her blessings for all she has achieved so far and also know that theres time for everyone and so she either gets better with her acting to get an oscaror just forget about it. the world doesnt revolve around her, winning oscars has nothing to do with ur look girl..................move on

There is nothing wrong with chasing your goals, but Beyonce's desperation for an Oscar award is just sad and pathetic. Even your most seasoned and veteran actors and actresses don’t go around whining and bragging about how bad they want an Oscar. They take on movie scripts that portray different characters to challenge themselves and let their work speak for itself. Beyonce wants an Oscar just to say that she has one because it is the highest award that you can get as an entertainer. Beyonce sounds like a spoiled child who feels like if she cries, begs and screams, the Academy will give her an Oscar just to shut her up. Getting an Oscar is not as easy as getting an MTV moon man award. It is not based on your popularity as a pop princess or record sales. She really needs to get over herself.

And now she is making it known that she wants to work with Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry. All are seasoned veterans. She is desperate and it is sickening. It is time for her to grow up. Please Beyonce, just go away for a few years.

Halo (see above)... did it occur to you that Beyonce is not pathetic, but respectable... she is asserting and accomplishing her goals. ‘B’ dreams big. We can all appreciate that. :-)

does jennifer hudson like jammy fox?

Jose, what does Fantasia have to do with this. This topic is about Jennifer and Beyonce.



Theres really nothing I can say, most of you hit the dot. iam however pleased 2 c iam not the only person who can see right through beyonce. And u beyonce fans mine as well go to her site and encourage her there because we dont wanna hear any reasonings when we can see the truth ourselves. Sometimes it's helpful to look past the obvious, and you study a person just to see there real characteristics like the media, thats the only way you can really tell how a person is. You cant fault us for seeing it the way we do. I believe beyonce realized that her character in this movie was not gonna go nowhere so she did her B-day thang to make up for it (and to squash toya to). Shes just doing to much its one thing to wanna stay on top, but to diliberatley try to knock others down in the process will if not at that moment eventually have an affect (sometimes more negative than positive) depending on what you put out. Jennifer was a new girl to the scene whos knows what she came from, she could have been a broke girl whos was tired of living a harsh life and her one chance to get it right came. Now you have born on a silver platter never had to want for anything can have everything my way beyonce bugging out. Are you kidding?? really, and you still have people justifying this? What a world we live in. I now know some of you are not paying attention anything an artist shows you, you believe, instead of doing your homework and taking out the to study a person before you support them. You never know what your giving into. Just like you have to be careful how you pick your friends. Do not act like this is the first time you heard about beyonce being this way. Please stop defending her like you know what really lyes in her heart (which is probably black). Im not saying we do. but our opinions are at least based on her actions, so shes showing us something, its not like we are making this shit up. So jennifer god bless you, you have the one thing beyonce needs HUMBLENESS..

Ok, Beyonce is an amazing singer and she's really pretty, but what is this obession of hers to win an oscar? I've seen her movies and she's an ok actress, but she is definetely not oscar material! She needs to see that acting is a skill that takes years of practice and
discipline and not something she can accomplish just cuz she's a pop goddess and she feels like it! i hope this serves her right if she's not even nominated for an oscar, it will be a rude awakening that she doesn't have what it takes to be an actress! and as for her comment to be the first black woman to win an oscar, does she really think she can compare to REAL TALENTED actresses like Halle Berry?

Hey Guys, Rem,ember that we can't believe everything that the media says about people. Beyonce seemed really happy for Jennifer when she won that Oscar. Beyonce and Jennifer both stated that they loved working together and had fun with everyone on the cast. I notice that when white celebrities do movies nobody compares their acting or singing ability and no one even starts rumors of jealousy on the set. But, the media knows that BLACKS love drama and gossip and will feed off into it. THINK ABOUT IT ! Chicago which was also a musical had no rumors or reports of jealousy... I wonder why. In addition, Both Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson can sing and are both talented. Beyonce might have been lacking in the acting but she can damn sure sing. Also, just about everyone wears a weave so leave her alone about that ? People just hate on beyonce because of rumors that you don't even know are true. Stop jumping on the band wagon and have A MIND OF YOUR WON. Although, Beyonce is rich and a major celebrity it doesn't mean that she doesn't have feelings. Be careful what you say about others what goes aroung comes around. Give Beyonce and Jennifer a break and spread LOVE not hate...

Hey Guys, Remember that we can't believe everything that the media says about people. Beyonce seemed really happy for Jennifer when she won that Oscar. Beyonce and Jennifer both stated that they loved working together and had fun with everyone on the cast. I notice that when white celebrities do movies nobody compares their acting or singing ability and no one even starts rumors of jealousy on the set. But, the media knows that BLACKS love drama and gossip and will feed off into it. THINK ABOUT IT ! Chicago which was also a musical had no rumors or reports of jealousy... I wonder why. In addition, Both Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson can sing and are both talented. Beyonce might have been lacking in the acting but she can damn sure sing. Also, just about everyone wears a weave so leave her alone about that ? People just hate on beyonce because of rumors that you don't even know are true. Stop jumping on the band wagon and have A MIND OF YOUR WON. Although, Beyonce is rich and a major celebrity it doesn't mean that she doesn't have feelings. Be careful what you say about others what goes aroung comes around. Give Beyonce and Jennifer a break and spread LOVE not hate...

if someone gets critisized it doesnt mean your a hater but if you say that it means youve been infected by beyonceitis.. but it's true beyonce need to backup for a while
she won't be here for a long time if she keeps acting this stank

I dont know what has gotten in to ya'll, but Beyonce is the best. Jennifer Hudson is new, of course she is gonna get attention. Beyonce has no reason to be jealous. Beyonce has been in plenty of movies. To the one who tried out for American Idol, you didnt make it because you can't sing, get over it. Don't blame it on Beyonce. I truly agree with Erika. People always take about Beyonce wearing weave and what she has done to her hair, but I cant think of alot of celebrities who dont have extensions that are black. And it is plenty of girls who are not celebrities who have never worn their real hair a day in their life.

This is absolutely rediculous. this is what happens when the media cant get all the details; they create their own. And why does everyone feel the need to use Beyonce as the punching bag for everything?? I just think its alittle unfair that with all the people allegedly involved in this RUMOR, it appears that she is the only one being held responsible for the negativity. Smart people would look at her FATHER, he's the one always trying to hammer his way into everything, not her. The girl is a beautiful hardworking black woman. She constantly worked hard and challenged her self before J-Hud, so that means she's supposed to stop now?? I love both girls equally and they are both truly amazing and extremely talented at their crafts. I understand why they keep things private because if the media and knew everything, they wouldnt have jobs.

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