Mirren on Oscar buzz: "I'm not thinking about it!"

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Cindy Pearlman, in this week's Sunday Show, asked the acclaimed actress of the season, Helen Mirren, about the Oscar buzz surrounded her performance in "The Queen." In today's review of the film, Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert writes, "Mirren is the key to it all in a performance sure to be nominated for an Oscar. ... What a masterful performance, built on suggestion, implication and understatement." But, big surprise: she shied away from speculating ...

Cindy: Most critics are saying you're a likely Oscar nominee. Does this make an actress happy or drive her nuts?

Mirren: Well, I'm not thinking about it. Others are thinking about it. I just hope this talk is good for the film and makes people want to see the film. If it's a way to get people into the cinema, then that's wonderful. I can say if I did meander to the Oscars, it would be an incredible honor. I have to carry on as normal. I cannot construct my life around it right now.

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