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Live Updates from the Electric Daisy Carnival

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photo (5).JPGAs night began to fall, the full moon added to the spectacle of LED lights and live art at Electric Daisy.
Every full moon has a different name by month. Friday's was aptly called the full flower moon.

And as the night fell, the girls in tiny shorts and bikinis began to shiver. Some rushed over to a storage locker area where maybe, just maybe, they stashed a sweatshirt.

Everything at Electric Daisy is meant to keep you awake, even the in your face mentions of cold things. Nearly every other vendor is selling ice cold water, smoothies, freeze pops or some sort of very cold food or beverage on a night that has dipped to 46 degrees.

The glowsticks are out in full force, as are the neon hula hoops. The multicolored amusement rides are a backdrop to the blinding LED displays at each set. Whatever you may think of the thumping beats, Electric Daisy really is a beautiful neon sight at night.

UPDATE: 9:50 p.m.

Besides the obvious visual qualities of the festival, there are five simultaneous shows going on at any given time. I decided to try out three stages during one set, to see how the music might vary. At the smaller Neon Garden stage, Blutonium Boy, a German DJ, watched as fans either avoided a huge, wet mud pit, or decided to dance right in it. He spinned popular dance hits with loud thumping beats. Not far away, the Manufactured Superstars played the larger Circuit Grounds stage, using digital sounds to accentuate some of its beats. I could hear the clicking noise of an iPhone and noises I usually hear when sending e-mails. It was the beginning of a night full of dancers, girls in bikini tops and skirts, wearing pink wigs that looked like cotton candy. The DJs made a big name shout out when telling the crowd Calvin Harris had requested a mix. A five minute walk and I was in the largest of five stages, watching Feed Me DJ Set using electronic signs to display art and phrases like "Mad Love." The flashing, coiled white lights surrounding their stage looked like fire. The crowd had swelled to thousands and thousands. This is the stage where David Guetta will spin at midnight. I'm going to guess the crowd will double for his set.

Blutonium Boy:

Feed Me DJ Set:

Manufactured Superstars:

David Guetta:

UPDATE: 10:10 p.m.

Festival fashion.

There are some common themes here, but people are pretty original. I've seen a lot of furry neon boots, tutus, flower headbands, neon sweatbands and very tiny shorts. Many men are wearing hats or shirts with messages like "I'm the Boss," or "Rage." I also saw a Superman. The festival guidelines very clearly say "costumes encouraged," and festivalgoers are really following that rule. photo (7).JPG photo (6).JPG

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I'm 'enjoying' it. Five miles away. In my living room. At 3:40 a.m.

Seriously, my WINDOWS are vibrating. It's like when that annoying, pimped out car pulls up beside you with the bass blaring. How is anyone there not experiencing catastrophic hearing loss?

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