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Chicago 'Pumpcast' couple on 'Today Show': It was real deal

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Will and Monifa Sims, the dynamic husband and wife who became Internet sensations after their "Tonight Show" Pumpcast karaoke video went viral last week, appeared on "The Today Show" this morning so set the record straight about all the fallout buzz surrounding the performance after it was revealed they are actors, notably Congo Square Theatre ensemble members and that Monifa had previously appeared in another Pumpcast video two years earlier --- at the very same gas station pump.

Asked my Matt Lauer, "Is it real?"
"Yes. That's us," Monifa answered.

Amid ear-to-ear smiles, the couple denied that they were tipped off by the "Tonight Show" staff about the "hidden camera."

"I always sing," Will said cheerfully."All the time. When I wake up I sing. When I came in the studio i was singing."

"We had no idea," Monifa said adding that she "goes to that same gas station every Wednesday to get gas after training her client. ... This is a blessing we did not plan," Monifa gushed.

Monifa also added that the only reason she got out of the car was that her Costco card was expired and that she had to ask the guy in the next car if she could use his card. (This sequence is not visible on the video.)

While the couple reiterated that they make a living as a bartender and fitness instructor, when asked about their "other" careers as actors, Monifa added, "We WISH we could say, 'Hey I'm on a TV show. Hello somebody! That's our dream.'"

They were not pressed by Matt Lauer or Savannah Guthrie about their careers as actors either in Chicago or Los Angeles where they are based.

Lauer had gushed during their introduction that "I wanna hang out with these guys... they're endearing."

At the end of the segment, Lauer played yesterday's video reply from Jon Bon Jovi who thanked Will for his gas station take on "Living On a Prayer."

"Thank you for having fun with the song. We appreciate it. Hope to see you on the road sometime," Bon Jovi says in the cell phone video from South Africa.

Lauer interpreted Bon Jovi's remark as an invitation from the singer for the couple to sing backup at some point for the legendary band.

What will Bon Jovi say to that?

Did Will and Monifa finally convince the deluge of naysayers?

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