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Watch a spoof of the inscrutable 'Mad Men' promos

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On the Next Mad Men from Press Play Video Blog on Vimeo.

"Mad Men" fans are used to it by now. In fact, it's become a bizarre little ritual some of us even look forward to: the promos for next week's episode of the AMC drama.

These promos, of course, are nothing more than random quotes taken out of context and strung together in a meaningless reel as inscrutable as the corporate tax code written in hieroglyphics. I'd have a better chance of braiding my hair in a wind tunnel than making sense of what the hell next week's episode will be like based on these teasers.

The folks at Indiewire.com took a shot at creating their own "Next week on 'Mad Men,'" shown in the video above. It's pretty creative. Don Draper would approve.

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Something in Sunday night's episode didn't quire add up to me. I wrote an article about it here:


I've gotten a lot of good feedback in the comments but there seems to be a lot of disagreement. It has to do Megan Draper's "miscarriage."

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