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Say goodbye to one Monopoly token, unless you save it

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Don't seem to win when you're playing Monopoly unless you've got your favorite token? You might be out of luck in the new games of Monopoly.

Hasbro is updating those tiny, metal pieces you move around the Monopoly board.

This isn't an arbitrary process, they're asking fans to vote on which classic tokens should stay, which should go and which new token should be included.

Like choosing a favorite child (but hopefully easier), Hasbro expects fans to determine which token-the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron or wheelbarrow-will be "locked up forever." They also expect you to vote on which new token should "Pass Go." New pieces include a robot, ring, cat, helicopter and guitar.

Currently, the Scottie dog piece has the most votes for the classic tokens. The car, hat and battleship also seem in safe territory. It's fans of the wheelbarrow, iron and boot that have cause to worry.

Since the introduction of tokens in 1935, there has been over 20 tokens, according to Hasbro's Monopoly History & Fun Facts page. Most people probably don't remember the lantern, purse and rocking horse tokens, which were removed in the early 1950s.

Go here to vote for your favorite token.

[Source: CBS]

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