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Nina Garcia brings her style advice to the smaller screen

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Nina Garcia perfected the arched eyebrow. And the withering stare.

But that's only for the small screen of Lifetime's "Project Runway" when she's critiquing an aspiring designer's creation -- and deciding their fashion fate.

For the rest of us, she's the fashion director for Marie Claire magazine and the "Style Voice" of J.C. Penney, so she has a vested interest in how the regular gal dresses for work and play. She's embarked on a new adventure -- to the even smaller screen -- hosting a web series "Decoding Style," a 10-episode makeover show. And she's not remotely intimidating.

Nina tells New York magazine's The Cut blog, "With the second screen becoming such an important part of our viewing and entertainment experience, I thought it was the right time to create a digital series. This project in particular allowed me to use my personal and professional background in editorial to help others transform their look and feel great."

Like Stacy, Clinton and Tim before her, Nina meets with ladies looking to change their look -- and offers her sage fashion wisdom. Hair, makeup and the big reveal happen, but in less time it takes to fast forward through a "What Not to Wear" show. In the first "Decoding Style" webisode, she meets Kate Salko, a gal who slimmed down after years struggling with her weight. Five minutes later, Kate has a new look and is ready take the show solo.

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